Home And Student 2019 Home And Student 2019 - Microsoft Office 2019

As said in the title a new update. Yes, the office has updated its home student 2019 version into student and home 2019. In-home students the new updates are, it provides the business purpose and student point of view too. It's more useful for those people who are recently in the business line. In the new office, you can even creatively prepare your presentations or work. It consists of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. It is a lifetime investment type of office setup home and student 2019. You have to buy it at one price for a lifetime.

The product description

  • When you purchase the product online or through a retail store you get a box-like package.
  • In that box, you will get a manual of instructions.
  • On the right side, you will get a black color card that has the key symbol on it. That card is present in a pocket.
  • The card consists of the key code for the activation of the setup home student 2019 pack.

Keycode for office setup home and student 2019

Keycode is a office 25 digit key code used to activate the office package or renew the activation. So, You can use it only once at a time. After once used the key code is of no use. So keep it safe, do not share it with anyone, keep it safe with you. How to create an office account ? home and student 2019
  • Now open the browser of the pc or Mac.
  • There in the search box type office setup home student 2019 and on the next page select the Microsoft .com website.
  • Or directly search for
  • Then it will take you to the account creating or sign-in page.
  • After that, On that page, you will see the sign-in option, if you have an account then sign in if don't have an account then create one.
  • Now to you will see create one option below the sign-in option.
  • Click on create one option.
  • On the next page enter your credentials like name, email address, etc., and create your own password that you can remember. Click on the next option.
  • Then you will get a puzzle to solve to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Solve it and your account is created successfully.

Download and install Home Student 2019

How to Download office setup 2019?

Activate Office 2019 Actually, the installation and downloading process are the same.
  • Now sign in to your account which you have created an account.
  • When you sign in for the account you will see the home page of Microsoft home and student 2019.
  • Then On that page, you will see two options i.e of My account and Install options.
  • From that select the Install option.
  • After that,  you will see that downloading process begins.

How to Install Office setup home and student ?

  1. Open the downloaded folder and double-click on the downloaded setup.
  2. After that, The run option will appear in front of you. Click on the Run option.
  3. Then it will ask your permission as Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?
  4. For that click on the Yes option below.
  5. Now the installation process will begin.
  6. When the process of installation finishes it shows you the symbol of a successful installation.
  7. A video of how to find the app will appear if you don't want to watch it then close the video.

Activate home student 2019

office setup home student 2019
  1. Now enter the app of Microsoft office.
  2. For example, Go into the start option, then search for any office like Excel or PowerPoint.
  3. Then click on it and open it.
  4. When you open the office it will ask you to agree on the terms and conditions.
  5. Firstly read all the terms and conditions.
  6. After reading the terms and conditions tike on the Agree terms and conditions option.
  7. On the next page, it will ask you to enter the key code.
  8. Then enter the 25 digits key code in the boxes.
  9. Now click on Continue or Activate office option.
  10. Your home student 2019 is activated and ready to use.